About the Book

This is a story of demonstrated love, emotional pain, mental abuse, unending hopelessness, learned forgiveness, personal growth, and restored hope. All Grace ever wanted was a normal life. She thought her life was pretty average, growing up on an Amish farm, outside of a small town. She married her Mister Wonderful full of hopes and dreams. Within the first year of their marriage, he had started to change. He started smoking and spending more time alone and withdrawing from his family. Within two years, he had become a monster Grace no longer recognized as her husband. Everyday life had turned into hell. She wanted to seek help or leave. But she couldn’t find the courage to stand up to her dominating husband who controlled everything in her world. He became a dominating narcissist and had bipolar tendencies.

Grace was brought up to believe people were good and trustworthy. She believed as a Christian wife, if she prayed for him and submitted to him and proved she loved him, he would change and be the husband she thought he could be. She believed in him and wholeheartedly supported him. But it only caused him to become more controlling.

Grace wanted to fix the marriage, and get counseling, but her husband rejected counseling. This gripping true story will captivate your heart and bring to light what life with an emotional abuser is like.

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