All Grace ever wanted was the normal things in life:  A happy marriage, a big house, and a loving family.  She never imagined her life would turn out so differently.

The submissive Christian life she was asked to live left her totally dominated by her abrasive husband.  She and her children were systematically crushed, and their will to thrive was snuffed out at every turn.  She had no idea how to handle the insults and abuse from her husband or the isolation from her family.  She never thought she’d lose her faith in God or plunge into such depths of despair.

This heart-wrenching story of living every day with a narcissist educates readers on the serious nature of abuse.  Taking a journey through emotional pain may mean taking the most uncomfortable path to lead your life to the most beautiful situation starting today.

Madison R. Carter represents all those who experience emotional pain across different cultures, religions, ages, men and women, in every corner of the world who struggle with finding their way out of the darkness.  She wrote this true story because she wants to shed a light on the darkness and secrecy of abuse and bring hope and light to those who are feeling trapped, hopeless, and have lost their way.